Ozone Viper 6 Paraglider


The Viper 6 is engineered for experienced PPG pilots seeking top-tier efficiency, speed, and performance. This wing incorporates cutting-edge design elements and technology from Ozone’s high-performance PG and PPG development programs, offering an exhilarating flight experience ideal for long cross-country (XC) journeys and high-level classic competitions.

The advanced performance of the Viper 6 ensures better fuel efficiency and extended XC flights, eliminating the need to fly overpowered. In thermal conditions, its glide, sink rate, and handling are akin to a free-flight paraglider, providing agile, enjoyable handling and exceptional climb and glide performance. This makes the Viper 6 an especially great choice for electric paramotor pilots, as it provides around 20-30% longer flight times versus other paramotor wings in its class.

All wings come with a Light Easy Bag (stuff sack), a $120 value.

Get the Viper 6 in your custom colors through our partnership with Ozone at no additional cost.

Wings are manufactured upon ordering and typically take around 30 days to make as they are made for the pilot’s weight and color chosen. If you have any questions on what is the right wing for you feel free to Contact¬†us and we will be happy to help.