The OpenPPG project is the solution to easy, convenient, and affordable powered paragliding. With its simple user-friendly, maintenance free, and lightweight design it has never been safer and easier to experience the thrill of flight.

Why the need for OpenPPG?

Traditional combustion driven paramotors are expensive and a maintenance headache. A lighter weight and affordable electric paramotor is a much-needed refresh for the sport.

The unique quick folding design of the X4 makes it a breeze to transport without the need for a truck or trailer. It easily fits into the passengers seat or trunk of your car.

folding ppg transport

Open Source

OpenPPG is an open source electric paramotor project. That means the community-driven design is always improving. With the power of the users giving input and making their own improvements OpenPPG is more reliable and cost-effective.

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Get your own OpenPPG Paramotor

Want to build or just buy your own fully electric paramotor and help support the project?  Getting started flying your electric PPG has never been simpler.

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