Sp140 EPPG


One Moving Part

  • Low cost per hour of flying 
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • High reliability 

Average cost per Hr to fly

SP140 Electric – $0.60

2 Stroke – $11.69

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Easy Transport

Small Pack Down Size

  • Battery-Powered: No gas/oil smell or spills in the car.
  • Convenient Storage: Can easily pack the SP140 unit into a car trunk in less than 5 minutes.
  • Tool-Free Assembly: Easily assemble the whole SP140 frame without any tools.
  • No Extra Equipment Needed: External trailer, truck bed, or hitch not necessary.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight frame makes moving the whole SP140 frame and motor easier than a gasoline motor.

Packs up to 1/2 the size of Average gasoline motor in less then 5 minutes

Compare Gas Vs Electric cost

Best of Both worlds

Swap between Electric and Gasoline

With the OpenPPG SP140 V2 frame system, you don’t have to make a permanent choice between electric or gas power. So, if you started out with a gas motor for the lower upfront cost and now want to switch to electric for a smoother, quieter ride, you are able to do so, and vice versa. No heavy modifications are needed, and you can keep all the parts you already paid for, as the SP140 is the only frame designed from the ground up to be compatible with both gasoline and electric motors.

SP140 Gasoline – designed for extended adventures and low upfront cost.

SP140 Electric: The future of flight – smooth flight, zero-emissions, and minimal maintenance. Perfect for pilots on the go that want simplicity and peace of mind.

Gasoline Electric

Say No to hassle

Just Plug In and Fly

  • No pull starting
  • No motor bogging or adjustments needed to “run right”
  • No warming up or breaking in
  • No guessing fuel remaining, see real-time power consumption 
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Fully Open Source code

Simple Throttle Controls

  • Built-in Altimeter
  • Real-time Efficiency
  • Cruise Control
  • Linear Power Response 
  • Change Power Modes (Chill/Sport)
  • Future Throttle Upgrades

Big Power

175lbs Thrust

There is power to spare! This allows for very quick takeoffs and tandem flights. 

Too much power? Change a setting on the controller or even use a smaller prop to limit power.

20% more power than the most popular gasoline motors

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High Efficiency Power system

Extended Flight Times

Using the highest quality cells available, a laser-welded copper bus system, and a built-in smart Bluetooth BMS, the SP140 battery pack is the market’s most advanced electric paramotor battery. This architecture allows the SP140 battery pack to be updated with the newest cells as they become available in the future. The custom-designed high-efficiency brushless motor and improved ESC are designed to produce a lightweight and efficient power system.

Don’t need 1hr flight time and want to save weight?

Easily swap between 3.7kWh battery and the 2kWh battery for a super light setup.

electric paramotor

Quick Swap Batteries

Want more flight time? Quickly Swap batteries in seconds and enjoy the sunset.

Easily Swap Batteries 

  • Get all the flying you want 
  • No need to move around the whole unit; just pull out your battery and bring it to the charger
  • Choose between the light weight battery or long-range battery depending on your needs

Peaceful flying

  • Low vibration 
  • Keep the neighbors happy with low noise
  • Consistent reliable power 
  • Most comfortable harness available

The Fun Part of Flying!

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