OpenPPG X4 Kit [V4] [Batch 6]


OpenPPG X4 22 is the latest revolution in the sport of Paramotoring. It features a fast-folding frame that allows for easy transportation, a truly zero motor torque design and it’s the lightest paramotor on the market.

Note: This is a kit and assembly is required, If you are looking for a ready to fly out of the box Eppg take a look at the Sp140 Here and has battery’s included. 

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Apco Split Legs Harness

Apco Split Legs Harness – A comfortable flying harness that allows maximum flexibility for easy takeoffs and landings. Manufacturer Page

Dudek Harness- Power Seat Comfort Low

The Dudek Comfort Paramotor Harness is a harness that prioritizes a rugged construction and maximum comfort. It’s got loads of padding on the back and shoulder straps that makes carrying even heavy motors easy.